What is the Bureau of Financial Institutions?

It is a consultation and dissemination tool to know the products offered by financial institutions, their commissions and rates, the claims of users, the unhealthy practices in which they might incur, the administrative sanctions that have been imposed, the abusive clauses of their contracts and other information that is relevant to inform you about their performance.

With the Bureau of Financial Entities, it is possible to identify who are banks, insurance companies, multi-purpose financial companies, savings banks, afores, among other entities.

With this tool, you can compare and evaluate financial institutions, their products and services and have more indicators to choose to make suitable financial decisions.

This information will help you choose a financial product and better understand the products you already have.

The Bureau of Financial Institutions is a tool that can contribute to the economic growth of Mexico, by promoting competition among financial institutions with transparency in revealing information to users about the performance of the products they offer. This facilitates a responsible management of financial products and services by sharing detailed product characteristics.

This may lead to a greater social well-being, because by bringing together such diverse information from the financial system in a single space, the user will have more elements to optimize their budget, improve their personal finances, correctly use credits that will strengthen their finances and obtain insurance to protect them, among other aspects.

The information contained in the Crediclub Financial Entities Bureau is as follows:

Crediclub's Behavior

Period: January - March 2023

Institutions CLAIMS (1) Details in:The Condusef Financial Institution Sanctions Particular abusive clauses (in elimination process) Compliance with CONDUSEF records Financial education programs CONDUSEF evaluation by product
Total claims Complaints indicator per 10,000 customers (2) (Quarterly) Customer quality attention indicator (IDATU Quarterly) Rating 0 - 10 Total Sanctions Total Sanction Amount ($MXN) Rating 0-10 Synergy with Condusef Rating 0-10
Sofipos Sector Totals 972 1.1 9.43 92 3,700,339 0 0.0 - -
Crediclub, S.A. de C.V., S.F.P. 196 9.1 8.37 1 37,745 S/I X Ver

(1) Corresponds to the sum of claims submitted to Financial Institutions and CONDUSEF.

NA: Not applicable in cases in which the information from the regulatory reports is not congruent.

(2) Complaint Indicator per 10,000 clients: Total complaints submitted to Condusef and in the financial institution divided by the number of clients of the financial institution times 10,000.

NA: For those institutions that did not register disputes concluded in the period, no Customer quality attention indicator

(IDATU) is generated. The Condusef Evaluation does not count with evaluated products.

Review the financial entities bureau of Crediclub SA de CV SFP information in the following link

The information provided here corresponds only to that of CREDICLUB and to review the information of the entire sector of Popular Financial Companies please access this site http://www.buro.gob.mx.

The Financial Entities Bureau includes information of CREDICLUB, S.A. DE C.V., SFP, about our performance with Users and the provision of products and services. You can review it on their page www.buro.gob.mx or on our website www.crediclub.com