About Crediclub

We are inspired by Mexicans that, although face adversity and make huge sacrifices, make a great effort everyday to push their families and companies forward. We believe THESE are the authentic Mexican heroes, those who work hard to have the country we deserve. We believe that these heroes can reach their goals faster with the adequate credit, investments and payment solutions.

Our mission is to bring financial solutions that pave the way to success for the real Mexican heroes, the entrepreneurs who innovate and save for a better future.

Our shareholders

Supported by a highly professional international group of shareholders

Our directors, advisors and shareholders are highly professional, from 8 different countries across America, Europe an Asia, with experience from leading companies in private equity, banking, consulting, investment funds and the industrial sector.

Our directors

A great aspiration requires a great team

Our directors have a passion for helping the heroes of Mexico, and they have the exact experience to do so. Our team has the skills necessary to empower our clients, and their collaboration and innovation has brought our company to where it is today.


The key to offering you a better product

Thanks to our technological beginnings, with formation and capital from Silicon Valley, we've provided outstanding solutions in our respective markets. Our proprietary technology to open and operate accounts, analize data with artificial intelligence and our cloud infrastructure are some of the elements implemented to provide the best quality service.


Outstanding balance between growth and solidity

Our customer-based technology allows us to achieve outstanding results and ground.


Part of our DNA

It all starts with making the right thing, be it with client operations, collaborators or corporate governance. We are audited, qualified and regulated with the highest industry standards that our clients and society deserve.