Operating results

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Our operating results reflect the competitive advantage we have in our sector. Among them we highlight:

  • We have placed more than 2 million credit operations, representing more than 40 thousand credits per month.
  • In our third year, we exceeded 1 billion of deposit balances, a record for any digital savings platform in our country.
  • We are present in 29 states of the republic, with more than 900 highly productive employees.
  • Wally is the most complete digital wallet in the nation. In the following months, Wally will not only revolutionize the financial sector, but also the lives of millions of Mexicans. Some of its functions include:
    • Sending and receiving funds quickly, simply and without extra costs.
    • Payments in physical stores by physical or digital debit card or QR code.
    • Payments in electronic stores with dynamic security code.
    • Investment at sight and term.
    • Soon:
      • Services pay.
      • Insurance sales.
      • Personalized financial management.

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