Principles of “Open Innovation” in Crediclub

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At Crediclub we recognize that there are multiple opportunities to create substantial economic and social value in our country and the world. These opportunities are closely aligned with our mission, and in order to capture them with the correct quality and speed, we know it is necessary to collaborate closely with other organizations. These organizations can be start-ups or large corporations, they can be national or international, they can be from our sector or some another sector, and they can be traditional or defy the status-quo. The principles of Open Innovation help us make these partnerships successful.


If not managed properly, these processes can be chaotic and can end up diverting managerial attention without generating value. Fortunately, there are common factors among open collaboration success stories in the world, as well summarized in the framework shared by Marisol Menéndez, previously Global Head of Open Innovation at BBVA, and which consists of the following three dimensions:


  • Strategy: It is key to identify what we want to achieve with a collaboration, and how that fits within the general objectives of both organizations. Short and long-term objectives, foreseeable causes in case of success or failure, investment budget and involvement, among other issues that end up being reflected in a strategy document that align the different parties, should be clarified.
  • Processes, Organization, Procedures and KPI’s (POP-K): Once the strategy has been defined, the next step is to land the objectives in an exhaustive series of operational processes that must work in sync for the project to be successful, including the follow-up process., feedback and continuous improvement.
  • Alignment of mindsets: Having clarity of the strategy and desired operating model, it is vital that both parties are transparent in their intentions, ideas, styles and limits, so that the appropriate type of partnership is developed to capture the opportunity in question.


At Crediclub we trulywish that the quality of financial services in Mexico improve and that these services serve as a platform for a better quality of life. This does not mean that we want to or can do it alone, on the contrary, we are open to contribute our skills to collaborate in high-performance teams.


If you think we can join forces with your organization to achieve monumental goals, please contact our CEO, Juan F. Fernández (, we would love to explore the opportunity to work with you.

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