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About Us (English)

Wally aims to offer all the financial products that a person might need throughout their life complately online, in the most convenient and simple way. We consider that our main ally is technology to scale our products to millions of customers, as well as to have a rapid response to new market needs.


With Wally in the cloud and our own authorizer, each of our products is supported by specific developments. Since we have a balanced automatic processing capacity, we have the ability to serve millions of clients simultaneously, in addition to having dozens of tools and specialized equipment in Machine Learning, Security and Infrastructure. In this context, we create an architecture based on microservices, where each application makes use of specific developments.


The technological experience of a Wally user begins with the opening of an account with cryptographic security and biometric identification, fully online. When opening any account, we have automatic verifications of the CURP (with RENAPO), the user’s voting credential (with INE) and anti-fraud lists. In addition, each voting credential is analyzed in seconds, extracting data from it with optical recognition technology, which, trained with artificial intelligence, reduces the time required for oepning an account by a third and increases identification security. For instance, in video calls, a record of interactions is kept, biometric validations are carried out and abnormal patterns of behavior are detected.

The initial launch version of Wally has three main products: payments, investment and credit. For payments, the user receives a virtual debit card with a dynamic CVV that makes it impossible for someone to clone, in addition to several virtual cards to specifically use in recurring businesses. Each transaction is analyzed online by an anti-fraud system based on Machine Learning and is securely documented with Blockchain technological elements.


Wally users can request simple credits, based on an immediate analysis of structured and unstructured data in our Data Lake through Machine Learning to give the user an answer in seconds. This will be a watershed in financial inclusion, since it will expose the flows of the country’s microentrepreneurs and that will open up liquidity options to be able to grow their businesses and better manage their money, as has happened in countries like China in the last decade.


Wally’s operation is supported by customer service based on a next-generation CRM, with modules supported by Bot Service and Active Directory. None of this would work if accompanied by poorly selected or poorly trained staff, which is why we also make intensive use of technology to support staffing processes and achieve the highest levels of quality of care.

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